The Mastere AI & Data Management is a post graduate degree program designed for bachelor owners with a general information technology (IT) or business background willing to develop a career in data project management. We offer a fully dynamic curriculum (data management, data programming and analytical aspects data science, machine learning, technology watch, project management etc). Our ultimate goal is to lead a path for our alumnis to become future strategic leaders by mastering Artificial Intelligence and Data Management in the international business environment.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Develop and deploy data analysis and management solutions
  • Manage a complete data analysis and strategic IT project
  • Identify business/projet opportunities through big data
  • A data project to lead (science, architecture, governance) 
  • Implementation of a development project and data, AI and IoT technology before a jury
  • Immersion in the professional world
  • Data analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Big data expert

Teaching Units :

  • Analytical theory, methods and models 
  • Big data analysis 
  • Programming 
  • AI 
  • Data Management 
  • Project management 
  • Research methods and dynamics in business analysis and AI

TUITION FEES 2023-2024 (Excluding application fees)

  • M1 : 6 500€
  • M2 : 6 500€

Application fee 600 € for europeans students or french residents and 900€ for student with  visa request.

Early bird : -300€ on the total amount 5 months prior to class starts.

October 2023 :

Applications with a VISA request | 15 March – 15 August 2023
Applications without VISA request | 15 March – 15 September 2023

Start of classes on October 03, 2023

February 2024:

Applications with a VISA request | 15 September – 15 December 2023
Applications without VISA request | 15 September – 15 January 2024

Start of classes on February 05, 2024